Katarina Nestorovic Carmignani

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Born in Belgrade, Serbia, in 1976.

Katarina Nestorovic Carmignani graduated from the Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church for Restoration and Conservation in 2002, and from the Faculty of Fine arts, Department of Painting, in the class of Prof. Cedomir Vasic, in 2002.

Since 1997, she has participated in 26 group exhibitions and 12 colonies in Serbia and abroad. In 1999 , she participated in the Summer Workshop of the Italian NGO "Il Cenacolo" with a Special consultative status of the United Nations in Rome, where she taught history and techniques of Byzantine art. She received a fellowship from the French Cultural Center for participation in the international workshop "Découvrir l'art moderne et la création contemporaine á Paris" in 2003.

She also was a Scientists Fellow of the Serbian Republic Foundation for the Young and Artists from 1998 until 2002.
In 2004 she became a member of the Serbian Association of Fine Artists (ULUS) as a freelance artist.

Since 2004, Katarina lives with her family in Vienna, Austria.

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